Transformers are able to work in two regimes, as voltage step-up and voltage step-down transformers. The step-up transformers are described in our previous page. The step-down transformer converts the high voltage (HV) and low current from the primary side to the low voltage (LV) and high current value on the secondary side. This transformer type has a wide application in electronic devices and electrical systems. When it comes to the operation voltage, the step-up transformer application can be roughly divided in two groups: LV (voltages up to 1 kV) and HV application (voltages above 1 kV). The first LV application refers to the transformers in electronic devices. Supplying the electronic circuits requires a low voltage value (e.g. 5 V, even lower values nowadays).

We hereby introduce ourselves as a manufacturer of dry type power transformers and reactors. We are established in this field since 2003. Our Dry Type Transformer adopt high quality low loss silicon sheet and arranged non-bobbin coil winding technology, and we apply vacuum pressure impregnating (VPI) process and solidify baking process to achieve insulation class H or C. Our transformers are widely used on any occasions where voltage is below 1000V and frequency below 400 Hz, and equipment's which require voltage to step up or down. For small to medium capacity transformers, we apply enamel wire winding, and we apply foil winding for large capacity ones.

• There are air flows between coil's layer to layer and between coil to core, resulting fast heat dissipation, and low temperature rise.
• High grade iron core and winding can be wire or foil.
• Small volume, light weight and good workmanship.
• After vacuum pressure impregnating, the whole transformers and reactors are moisture proof and mildew proof.
• Insulation class H or C.
• Lower audio noise.
• Nomex based insulation system for foil winding transformers.

1) Step Up AutoTransformer
2) Step Up Isolation Transformer

Our all magnetics are tested as per routine test mentioned as per IS2026.
We can carry out other type testing as per your need.

Applications of Up Down Transformers
The small step-down transformers can be used in electronic and electrical devices where the voltage buck is required. But nowadays in the modern electronic device, power electronic circuits are more frequently used because of weight and dimension.

Our products range is as under:
1) Single/3 phase Transformer, upto 300KVA, 50Hz - 400Hz.
2) Scott Connected (3phase - 2phase conversion)/ Open delta type (3phase-single phase conversion)
3) Input Chokes for A.C/D.C Drives, from 1hp to 750hp drives
4) Output Chokes for A.C/D.C Drives, from 1hp to 750hp drives
5) DC filter choke
6) Harmonic Filter Choke
7) Transformers for Plasma Welding Machines
8) Transformers with induction heating purpose.