Power Saver


Electrically controlled equipment is a major contributor to harmonics found in your electrical system. It can be a “silent killer” in your facility, leading to operational problems with both electrical and electronic equipment including mis-operation, shutdown and early failure. Harmonics may affect specific points of virtually all apsects of your electrical system, including lowering your power factor, which raises your utility costs. ARZOO harmonic filter will perform mitigation for a wide array of needs. This includes equipment to help reduce amplification of harmonics when capacitors are automatically switched, to suppress one or more specific harmonic orders, and to lessen a broad range of multiple harmonic orders. Education, awareness and assistance from ARZOO can help to maximize your operation’s uptime and bottom line.

Features :

  • Saver Power up to 20%.
  • Increases the Life of Electric Device.
  • Reduce Transmission Loss.
  • Protect against Surges and Spikes.
  • Stabilizes Voltage.
  • Maintenance Free.
  • Environment Friendly.
  • Improve Power Factor.
  • Eliminates Overheating of Wiring and Appliances.
  • Uniform Electric Current.
  • Saves Energy Efficiently.
  • Two Years Guarantee.
  • Order to be placed above 25 KVA.