Active Filters
Active Filters
Active Filters


Salient features of ARZOO Power HYBRID ACTIVE Filters

Economic advantages
• Reduces the overall energy bills.
• Increases capacity utilization of the source.
• Ensures proper functioning of the overall system.
• 99.99% uptime guarantee.
• Decreases the maximum demand of the system as well as the generator.
• No overloading of UPS or generator sets.
• Increases efficiency of the generator sets and ensures maximum utilization.
• Increases life of sensitive lab equipment’s and ensures proper functioning through quality power supply.
• Smaller footprint reduces cost for space.
• Increases life of industrial cables
• Virtually maintenance free

Technical Advantages
• Improves instantaneous as well as average power factor to necessary level.
• Reduces total harmonic distortion for current as well as voltage within international IEEE 519 standards.
• Excellent dynamics with a response time of less than 0.2 milliseconds.
• Does not allow harmonics to enter the system from the surrounding facilities, making the system more robust.
• Reduces system losses drastically
• Provides equally good compensation, even in case of voltage sags.
• Does not affect the normal operation of the system even in case of failures.