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Saving Power

India stands at the brink of a power crisis as we enter into the year 2013. In spite of an ambitious power generation plan, India managed to meet only around 50% of its estimated target in the eleventh five year plan. Saving power is therefore crucial and a consolidated effort is the need of the hour. We on our part have been relentlessly pursuing the objective of developing technologies that save power, are energy efficient and economical at the same time. Arzoo energy remains committed to the cause of power conservation and promises to work tirelessly and with determination to further this objective in the time to come.

Rising Power Tariffs

Along with a severe shortage of power, businesses in India have had to deal with increasing power tariffs on a regular basis. Today power costs almost double to what it was five-seven years ago. This increase has affected businesses adversely and many have shut shop. There are others who are struggling to survive and it seems increasing difficult as the power crisis looms large. In such a scenario, power conservation is the only way out. It can help businesses stay afloat and also allow them to achieve respectable growth numbers.

Saving Energy & Planet

As efficient businessmen all would appreciate the value of electricity. Expenditures on this valuable resource could reach to alarming extents if not kept under check. Prudence suggests that every unit saved would contribute to the productivity and eventually, the profitability of the organization. This could in the due course lead us to building a prosperous, self sufficient nation. If the saving can be done well at the grass-root levels by all of us, together we could make gigantic achievements! We could indeed transform the current power deficit situation of our country by being the proud contributors in our own way to the growth and solidarity of the entire nation! Arzoo Energy urges you to come together and contribute to building a better, stronger, power-rich nation!

Power Saving & Profitability

All of those who are in business know that the power bill amounts to a major chunk of their expenditure, and if it were possible to reduce this by a respectable margin, they would be back on route to profitability. Now this is possible by installing power saving systems, manufactured by Arzoo energy, which can help you save up to 20% on your power bills. Take a look at chart to see how this can be achieved.